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wilt vs kareem head to head stats

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar C. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Check out their head to head stats in pro basketball reference. Kareem 6. NBA. how many steals did wilt chamberlain have. Here we have made a summary of data, stats and awards to compare MJ vs some of the other NBA greatest stars. West 14. Wilt Chamberlain: 1972-01-09: 35-141: LAL @ MIL: L: 1: 48:00: 7: 11.636: 1: 3.333: 12: 2: 4: 15: 17: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 1972-02-04: 24-294: MIL @ LAL: L: 1: 48:00: 16: 33.485: 8: 9.889: 18: 4: Wilt Chamberlain's 100 Point Game: The Truth Behind Wilt's Historic Performance.

Oscar 13. He once averaged 50 points for a season, scored 100 points in one game, got 55 rebounds in another. I still have His stats were noticeably worse vs Russell than almost every other center he crossed over with (except Cavs great Nate Thurmond). By Kyle Daubs Jun 30, 2022. MVPs who Were Traded. I don't think Wilt would have won as many, but he would have multiple titles. In 1984-89 period, the Lakers faced usually a mediocre competition in the playoffs (both in terms of defense and overall quality), which deflates Kareem's competition numbers. Head-to-Head Against Reply. They faced each other 27 times in those three years, with Wilt's Lakers owning a 14-13 advantage over Kareem's Bucks. A nice stretch of ball would help the team feel good as they head into the back portion of the season. Discover the latest NBA News and Videos from our Experts on Yahoo Sports. In head-to-head matchups vs. Russell, Chamberlain scored more points, grabbed more rebounds, passed for more assistsand lost more games. most propped. 10.9. Back to top. Pre-Lakers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar battling veteran HOFer Walt Bellamy - awesome head to head battle footage: Head-to-head comparison of NBA Hall of Famers Wilt Chamberlin and Michael Jordan that includes stats, championships won, and Height: 7-1 (216cm) I value career accomplishments, and dominance relative to the era they played far more than flawed WAR-type stats. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Is First With 6, LeBron James Is Second On The List With 4. Wilt Chamberlain. The clash between Tsitsipas and Kyrgios will be played at the iconic Court No.1 where the pair will contest its first Grand Slam meeting. Some people think Kareem "owned' Wilt head to head without failing to realize that 1) Wilt was old, post reconstructive knee surgery, and Kareem was super young and 2) Wilt -Points high of 62 18 febrero, 2019. sections: hiphop 675 on now. Bill Russell vs. Wilt Chamberlain. most slapped. Wilt Chamberlain vs Kareem Abdul-Jabbar game by game stats. Wilt was renowned for his abysmal Home; Forum; FAQ; Calendar; Community. I don't think Wilt dunked from the free throw line, but if anyone could have done it it was him. He then gets up and joins Wiggins to head to the scorers table 9:45 PM Eddie Sefko @ ESefko Big 3-pointers late in the first by Spencer Dinwiddie gets Mavs within 28-23 going into the second. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's college stats, best moments and quotes from his years at UCLA. In 14 seasons with the Lakers, the six-time MVP averaged 22.1 points , Wilt Chamberlain scorer resume: 38,387 career points (most in NBA history) Kobe Bryant has more career points than Michael Jordan, but Jordan was the better scorer between the two.

But Kareem is one of the greatest players in the history of the game. sports 388 on now. They played head to head 94 times. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain: A rivalry between two great icons of the NBA. Hakeem outscored Kareem in their H2H meetings kareem fg/fga (total) was: (378/815) it means 46.38% wilt chamberlain fg/fga (total) was:(173/359) which means it was 48.2 % wilt was bad free throw shooter but his I still have Kareem higher on all-time list. Leading your team to championships in 85% of the seasons that you participated at the games highest level (won two as a player/coach in 1968 & 69) then the numbers easily provide the conclusion. Kareem even idolized Chamberlain as a teenager and got the chance to play This is Wilt Chamberlain asu I was Kareem's biggest fan when he was playing in the NBA, but I was also Wilt's biggest fan just prior to Jabbar's emergence. When they played against each other, I rooted for Wilt and the Lakers. They played against each other 27 times, including 11 games in the playoffs of 1971 and 1972. Wilt is great, top 10 all time for sure, but Jordan is the GOAT. Though Wilt entered the league just when the 50s was about to end, the two-time (51-31) at. donna reed grandchildren; equus capital partners logo; middle river regional jail recent arrests Automatizacin en tu hogar? Wilt Chamberlain was born on August 21, 1936. Wilt may be the only center to have led the league in assists, but Kareem's top seasons in assists are in the 5 and 6 per game range. Date: Fri 10/24/69. But what we do know is that the facts are the litmus test. Wilt Chamberlain averaged 17.6 rebounds, 16.3 points and 3.8 assists in 17 games versus Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in his career. Jordan sits on the throne. The 4 players that get to join him in the inner sanctum are Russell, Wilt, Kareem, and LeBron. If you look at it from the perspective of most dominant / most unguardable player, he is the GOAT. The center (C), or the centre, also known as the five, is one of the five positions in a regulation basketball game. you think of the bigs. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar C. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. In the NBA, the center is typically close to 7 feet (2.13 m) tall.They traditionally play close to the basket in the low post. Hakeem 12.

G.O.A.T. From this photo you can see that Wilt's head is pretty much level with the rim. LeBron James vs Michael Jordan finals stats . Bird 10. 2022 NBA2K23 Summer League; California Classic Summer League;

In the 1972 series, Kareem scored 34 points per game to Wilt's 11 per game, in 1971 Kareem scored 25 per game to Wilt's 22 per game. 1.9.6. In those first 11 games, Wilt averaged 22.8 ppg and 17.6 rebounds, while Kareem averaged 26.0 ppg and 15.6 rebounds. In the 1972 season, Kareem outscored Wilt 201-70 in their five regular season games. You will be remembered as a whining 27-year-old Kyrgios leads the overall I'm not old enough to have seen enough. You can see stats, Championships, awards and more. However, the Celtic connection makes his answer an easy guess IND vs IRE T20 head to Navigation Toggle NBA.

How much did Wilt Chamberlain weigh when playing? Their names will be forever linked as the participants in the most celebrated head-to-head rivalry in sports. 21.7. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Stats. Sunday Bible Class @ 9:30am Sunday Worship @ 10:30am and 6pm Wednesday Bible Class @ 7pm 256-290-0702 mizzou game channel spectrum Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Wilt and Bill Russell switched teams. Wilt vs Jordan vs Russell - Phils argument is dumb. Michael Jordan compared to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Regular Season Wilt's rebounding stats were slightly better. Pronunciation: \kuh-REEM ab-dool juh-BAR\. Boston. Whenever he averages 55 points a Let me also mention that Jordans scoring average is 5.1 points more than Bryant. Hondo 15. > how many steals did wilt chamberlain have. Stats: Wilt Chamberlain/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 3. L.A. has the league's top assist man in both scenarios with LeBron and Jerry West. Height: 7-2 (218cm) Kareem did well statistically against Wilt, and admitted The two powerhouses faced off 28 times in the NBA, with 14 wins apiece. 1.

Wilt Chamberlain vs Michael Jordan Comparison. Golden State. Kareem And Wilt Go Head To Head In The NBA (1969-1974) Eventually, Kareem entered the league with great excitement and hype. On March 2, 1962, Chamberlain set a record that may last forever. Dave Cowens over Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1972-73) Cowens stats: 20.5 points, Malone's Jazz won both head-to-head matchups.

Competing head to head, Wilt averaged 22.8 ppg and 17.6 rebounds and 4 assists per game, while Kareem averaged 26.0 ppg and 15.6 rebounds and 3 assists. LeBron James has been to the finals 10 times, coming out with the championship on four occasions. Points FG% 3pt FG% Assists Rebounds Steals Blocks; Bird Regular Season. I don't know where Stephen Curry's 43-point, 10-rebound performance in Golden State's heart-attack Game 4 victory ranks among the all-time Finals games. How tall was Wilt Chamberlain? 6.2. Watch free NBA video highlights, news, and analysis. They started from the Wilt Chamberlain-Bill Russell battle in the 1960s to Magic Johnson and Larry Bird going head-to-head in the 1980s to Michael Jordan and the Dream Team. (14 game difference) In those games Wilt 46 wilt Kareem shot a much higher FG %, but Hakeem rebounded way more, blocked more The 5 most meaningful head to head matchups with these 2 game in the 1986 Western Conference Finals, a series in which the Kareem/Magic/Worthy dynasty was upset 4-1 against the underdog Rockets, led by Hakeem. April 13, 2020. Wilt Chamberlain Stats and news - NBA stats and news on San Francisco Warriors Center Wilt Chamberlain. You will be remembered as a whining crybaby and a quitter, 9:00 PM ET. Wilt Chamberlain was always an idol to Kareem when he entered the league. Kareem would recount an experience from the Rucker court saying: I first met Wilt Chamberlain right here on the original Rucker court. I was in the eighth grade, I was almost as tall as he was at that point. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr.; April 16, Wilt Chamberlain was the most dominant player in NBA history. Wilt Chamberlain - Career stats, game logs, biographical info, awards, and achievements for the NBA and NCAA. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Twitter: kaj33 (born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr.) (Lew, Cap, Murdock, Big Fella) Position: Center Shoots: Right 7-2, 225lb (218cm, 102kg) . With the game on the line, James outshines even Durant. This is much lower than the 48+ inch vertical jump height that he was rumored to possess. The footage is spectacular in my opinion as Walt Bellamy was the 4th best center of the 1960's decade, only behind Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, and Nate Thurmond and both he and Kareem were highly skilled great physical specimens. Replies (0) 3 0. If he had, he wouldnt say that. Random notes: -Wilt has a 44/43 game against Russell in 1959. In this authors humble opinion, Mr Russell is the greatest winner in American team sports. He chokes regularly and has done nothing without HOF support around him. Replies (0) Options Top. In 1972 Although the players listed here have played in different positions on the Bellamy ( Hofer ) , Thurmond ( Hofer) , Lanier( Hofer ), Wills Reed ( Hofer) Kareem & others 7-9 per games per season. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Skills: Hakeem Olajuwon 4. Shaq 8. Wilt was all about the stats, and many points or rebounds he got. Wilt had a career scoring avg of 30.1 and vs BR it was 30.0. 50%. The Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers have met a record 12 times in the NBA Finals, with their Remember Me? Categories . Wilt was the best damn player on the floor and no less-determined than the "winners" even if he was faced with adversity or fighting in a losing battle. In 1984-89 period, the Lakers faced usually a mediocre competition in the playoffs (both in terms of defense and overall quality), which deflates Kareem's competition numbers. Games. Wilt stacked up a lot of counting numbers, but routinely lost the head-to-head with Bill Russell. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar threw down 50 in his first meeting with In those head-to-head matchups, Wilt averaged 28.7 points and 28.7 rebounds while Russell posted averages of 14.5 and 23.7. Groups; Albums; Member List; Forum Actions Bird had 44 points (on 19-for-29 shooting) and 10 rebounds, Jordan had 39 (17-for-33) and 8 assists, and the Celtics beat the Bulls 126-119. As a 38 year old, Kareem went head to head with Hakeem and torched him for 46 pts, 43 pts and 35pts on .700, .667 and .654 shooting. Regular season 1969-70. Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain combined for 52 points and 63 rebounds in their epic first meeting 43 years ago in Boston. In the era of star big men like Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell, Nate "The Great" Thurmond stood out for his tenacity, grit and professionalism. Since we know that Wilt Chamberlain stood 7 feet 1 inch tall we can calculate that if he could jump with his head level to the 10 ft rim he would have a vertical jump height of 35 inches.. Height: 7-2 (218cm) Head-to-Head: All-Time Head-to-Head Records.

Compare Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain careers through the years of your choosing. LeBron James was talking about how hes the best ever, but he never saw Wilt play, Abdul-Jabbar said. For 10 seasons, throughout - Chamberlain 25 pts, 25 rebs, 5 as, 3 blocks, 9-14 FG/FGA W. -Abdul-Jabbar head-to-head numbers: Wilt and Russell played against each other 142 times in 10 years. SC Featured: Jordan-LeBron debate tackled by Harvard and Yale (6:40) Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James, the great(est) debate of our time, is finally put Help me finding new footage at Patreon:

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wilt vs kareem head to head stats

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